The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Team

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October 18, 2012
The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Team

You would think coming from the corporate world that delegating would be easy for me. Not so! I fell into the entrepreneurial trap of thinking that I needed to do everything myself. It was when I finally recognized that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – do it all that my business took off.

The first step I took in delegating was to hire my own virtual assistant (VA). A VA is an assistant that’s “virtual” because they work out of their own office and connect with you online or over the phone instead of working out of your office. But nowadays, your entire team can be “virtual” from web designers, to bookkeepers, to copywriters, to marketing experts you can find your own online team to support your business.

What about you? Could your business benefit from an online team that would give you…

More TimeAll the little things involved in running a business – filing, scheduling appointments, paying bills, updating your website – can add up fast. By delegating these tasks to an assistant, you’re giving yourself more time to focus on building your business. You also free up your schedule, so instead of working nights and weekends, you have time to enjoy special moments with friends and family. Isn’t that one of the reasons you wanted to work for yourself in the first place?More Energy

Do you have certain to-dos that you’re always procrastinating? That might be because it’s a real drain on your energy. Whether it’s bookkeeping or writing promotional copy the good news is, there are people out there who actually like doing what you hate. Why not free up your energy for what you love doing and bring someone else on for these other tasks? I’ve also noticed that when people are part of a joint effort they gain energy and inspiration from each other. Some of my best ideas come from my Virtual Assistant!

More Expertise

As an entrepreneur you wear many different hats but you can’t be an expert at everything. Instead of giving it a sophomore effort find a real expert to build your website, write your press release or prepare your tax return. By availing yourself of their expertise you end up with better results

More Money

You might be concerned about the cost of hiring help. However, before you rush to that conclusion do the math. Is your billable rate higher than an assistant? If you bill your client at $100/hour and your assistant bills you $25/hour, you’ll be freeing yourself to make $75/hour that you otherwise wouldn’t have time to earn. Also, the more time and energy you have the easier it is to make more money. As I delegated out the administrative work in my business, this freed me up to think more creatively so I could offer bigger programs for my clients and increase my fees.

Delegation is easier said than done. It helps to view this process of acquiring your own online team as a long-term investment. In the beginning delegating can make more work for you, but if you stick with the process it will free you up to do bigger and better things with your business. Checkout this month’s Predictable Results™ Assignment below to help you get started.

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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