Stop Hesitating! It’s Time to Take a Profitable Leap of Faith Towards Predictable Results

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January 26, 2017
Stop Hesitating! It’s Time to Take a Profitable Leap of Faith Towards Predictable Results

Does the thought of taking a leap of faith sound intimidating? Since it’s a New Year, I’m guessing you’ve already been thinking that it might be time to do something different with your business.

Perhaps it’s a new product or program that you’ve been stewing on but still haven’t created? Could it be that you’re bored and know it’s time to reinvent your business by working with new clients or using new methodologies? Or maybe you’re like me and it’s time to rebrand your business to better articulate your value?

But you’re hesitating…

You come up with a million “reasons” why it won’t work or why it’s not the right time. For all the reasons “who not” don’t forget that stagnation is the most dangerous and expensive risk of all. Innovate. Grow. And remember what one of the greater innovators, Ben Franklin, had to say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

I know this to be true because after deciding to launch my own consulting company, I hesitated for a few years because I was afraid to give up a great Fortune 100 career. That delay cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and I’m still kicking myself for letting fear put my success on hold. Don’t waste time. Don’t dwell on where you want to be when you could instead start experiencing what it’s like to be there now.

Take that leap of faith. Take your first step, and then the next step and then the next step after that. And with each step you take, even though you’re scared, you see that you’re really okay. In fact, it’s exhilarating to find out that you have hidden reserves of strength. As you figure it out you realize you do have what it takes to do this.

So now that you know you want to take this leap of faith in your business how can you help ensure predictable results? One of the first steps I recommend is to share your new idea. Communicating it will give it “legs” so to speak, making it real and tangible instead of wishful thinking.

But first consider…

Who do you share your vision with? Think carefully! You want to choose someone who knows what it takes to be successful and is fearless about following his or her dreams.  If you choose someone who tends to be overly cautious or negative they can shut down your new idea in a hurry. Choose your coach, mentor, colleague or mastermind partner very carefully!

How do you share your vision? We attract what we nurture inside of ourselves. When we verbalize our insecurities and fears, we breathe life into them. But when we learn to manage our mindset and choose empowering words when we communicate, we fuel predictably positive results. You don’t have to be unrealistic but you do want to infuse your ideas with passion and conviction. If you don’t believe it can happen, don’t expect anyone else to believe it.

What do you ask for when sharing your vision? Accountability, especially in the early stages is huge. Tell your coach or mentor what your next step is and ask them to hold you accountable to follow through. Let them know you want their honest feedback and that they have your permission to push you out of your comfort zone.

So are you ready to take the leap? If you love what you are doing and there’s a market need you have a recipe for predictable results. But just like a recipe you won’t know for sure how it will all come together until you make it. You have to take action on your vision or it will remain just a good idea instead of a profitable one.

When I’m facing a leap of faith I’ve made it a habit to seek out the top-rated coaches and mentors on the planet and spend as much time with them as possible. It’s an investment that has paid off over and over again because they help me stretch my creative imagination and develop a bigger 360-degree vision. If you would like to learn explore a coaching partnership with us in 2017, call 1-800-267-3245 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Predictable Results™ Assignment

Decide who you’ll to share your vision for 2017. Brainstorm how you can articulate your vision in a way that captures your passion and conviction. Outline what kind of support or feedback you need to ensure accountability and support as you move forward.  Finally, pick up the phone and get started!

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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