9-Month Program


Who you are:

You have probably benefited from numerous workshops, clinics, and certifications – and may have used personal business mentors or executive coaches to guide your career. But now you want industry-specific tools and strategies designed for you and based on your own niche, reputation, or unique skill set.

You feel the need for a dynamic Internet presence, sophisticated online and offline marketing, and a freshly authentic personal and business rebranding appropriate to this new decade.

What issues you face:

You need to make your existing business more scalable so that you can expand it exponentially without being bogged down or distracted by day-to-day details or systems that are too limited or cumbersome. But at the same time you don’t want to dilute your focus or reinvent the wheel.

One of your biggest frustrations is that despite your stellar qualifications and track record you are still not enjoying the luxury of premium higher-paying individual and/or high profile corporate clients. But you are determined that you will not slip into that dreaded status occupied by so many professionals who suddenly find themselves overqualified but under-appreciated.

What you need most right now:

Right now you need to take the big leap and start playing a much bigger game regardless of the economic situation. You need to make your move now while the historically difficult economy can be leveraged into a rare and special asset. Do that effectively and you will be sought out by elite clients and large corporations currently positioning themselves for what lies ahead.

You need fresh perspectives, innovative business models, and out-of-the-box brainstorming with those who resonate on a like-minded frequency because they are exactly where you want to be.

What you get:

In this mentoring program clients will receive one-on-one intensive coaching and support from Sarah and Marc Hathorn.

This is the most advanced and intensive program we offer. But it does require a higher level of personal and professional commitment as it prepares clients to achieve uncommon results, unparalleled success, and elite status within their industry. Those who are ready for this kind of accelerated process will find it thrilling, rewarding, challenging, and potentially life-changing.

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