Upcoming events featuring Certified Image Master, Sarah Hathorn


Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues
April 1 & 2, 2017   |   Atlanta, GA

IBC Event - Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta

  • AICI CEU approved for eligible participants
  • 2-day seminar (1.3 AICI CEU's)

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AICI CEU Approved

This 2-day intensive program is designed for coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants who wish to either enter the corporate market as a beginner, or are already working with corporate clients at an intermediate level and want to accelerate to more clients and higher revenues.

In this dynamic, interactive master class you will be guaranteed plenty of personal time to ask questions, with total access to learning and a chance to delve deeply into topics. You’ll have the rare opportunity to take full advantage of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Sarah, who is one of the highest-paid and most in-demand corporate consultants in our industry.

Sarah lives in the corporate trenches, communicating with and influencing industry leaders; advising HR executives and Senior VPs; and customizing learning modules for some of the most progressive and successful companies in the world. She doesn’t teach strategies and tactics that used to work and may now be outdated or stale. She shares fresh, proven formulas and techniques that work for her and her clients today, as she delivers unique value and engaging programs to major organizations and leaders. Many of those highly-placed leaders also enlist Sarah as their private coach.

She developed this dynamic course so you, too, can learn exactly what she did to unlock the gateway to the corporate kingdom and transform one corporate client into a 6-figure client. You’ll find out how to be that kind of sought-after thought leader and highly successful corporate consultant. The master class is intense and content-rich – with exciting hands-on exercises, supported facilitation and practice, individual introspection and mindset management, and collaborative mastermind group work. The entire program is designed to identify and solve challenges, increase skill acquisition, empower your success, accelerate the learning curve, and make lucrative, prestigious corporate consulting your new high-revenue reality.

Learn everything from A-Z, and from the inside-out, with internal mindset management to give you poise, gravitas, and a charismatic, contagiously-positive and persuasive presence. Then complement that with essential success and components such as brand-building skills, techniques for creating new revenue streams, corporate marketing strategies, rapport-building to deepen your networks and partnerships, and tips on how to write a winning proposal and present it with convincing influence. Join us and begin your foray into the corporate arena, where opportunities are everywhere and you can earn premium compensation from repeat clients who add prestige and power to your brand.

Participates in this session will learn how to:

  • Evaluate ways to build an extraordinary brand that magnetically pulls corporate buyers to you.
  • Discuss ways to convert decision-maker wants into needs, through probing questions that guarantee long-term work.
  • Practice a role-play scenario to develop powerfully persuasive language that convinces decision-makers to say “Yes!”
  • Discuss ways to overcome a corporate decision-maker’s objections to dramatically increase your acceptance rate.
  • Create a winning proposal, using a step-by-step formula, to confirm your value and quickly convert prospects into paying clients.
  • Evaluate multiple and distinct corporate pricing models to attract more corporate work for predictable income.
  • Identify the steps to seal deals ASAP using the proprietary “Examine the Predictable Process from A-Z” tool.
  • List the 8 Success Keys to fill your corporate pipeline.
  • Discuss how to leverage strategic marketing tactics to build relationships that open corporate doors.
  • Discuss ways to apply the Predictable Client Formula to catapult your corporate clients into sources of repeat business and 6-figure revenue.