Entrepreneurs: How to Stop Smothering Your Creativity

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July 31, 2014
Entrepreneurs: How to Stop Smothering Your Creativity

Usually entrepreneurs are naturally highly creative thinkers. You probably experienced a huge creative surge when you first launched your business. You had to figure out your logo, create your website, design your office space…

But as the weeks, months and years go by the danger is that you zone out and your business is running on autopilot. This is dangerous because it’s your creativity that will help you keep growing your business.

You need to be creative when it comes to every aspect of your business. From writing a new blog post, to coming up with a new coaching program, to expanding your office space. Whatever you need to get done in your business you want to be feeling that creative energy that fuels you to see it through.

But what should you do when things are feeling a bit stale? How do you give yourself a creative surge that doesn’t involve a triple espresso? The first thing is to identify ways you may unwittingly be stifling your creativity. Take a look at this list of four mistakes entrepreneurs make.

1. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing

Now I’ve always encouraged you to be familiar with what your competition is doing. That’s always a good idea. But you don’t have to follow their lead! Don’t wait for them to come up with all the new ideas. You can be the trailblazer in your industry. If you stay in copycat mode your energy will be zapped and you won’t be able to follow through and deliver.

2. Stop trying to be perfect

It’s never going to be perfect so start thinking in terms of good enough. Just get started! Michael Crichton said, “Books are not written, they are re-written.” Nothing shuts down creativity like obsessive perfectionism. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Stop letting everyone else highjack your time and energy

Every morning when you wake up, you have a choice. Do you want to set your day up so to create or react? Here’s an example of what I mean. Let’s say that today you need to write an article for your newsletter or do a video blog. First thing in the morning you sit down and check your email. You start reacting to all these demands on your time and energy. You look up and three hours have gone by. And worse yet you have zero motivation for working on your creative project.

You need to set the agenda to nurture your creativity so don’t be afraid to turn off your ringer and let your inbox sit for awhile. All those demands will still be there after you’re worked on what you need to do. Here’s what works for me. I take the last week of the month off to develop and write new creative content for my business – that’s my time!

4. Stop idling in your comfort zone

It’s so easy to do what feels comfortable. Whether it’s driving the same route to the office, eating at the same restaurant, hanging out with the same friends. It just feels comfortable, right? Well that might be the problem – you could be just a little bit too comfortable.

It’s time to try something new! Pick not only a new restaurant but a new cuisine you’ve never tried before. Sign up for a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to try – a foreign language, pottery, zumba… How will this help your business? Every time you expose yourself to new things it shifts the way you look at the world. You’ll be surprised how this shift will impact your business decisions too!

You are creative! You just might need to nurture it a little. So don’t wait around for inspiration to strike. Be bold, be adventurous and just get started. Remember you don’t have to be perfect to be creative.

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It’s time for a little self-analysis. Which of the four creativity mistakes is smothering your creativity? Pick one and make a plan to improve.

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