Why Entrepreneurs Need a Change of Scene

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August 20, 2013
Why Entrepreneurs Need a Change of Scene

You feel stuck…You’ve gone round and round in your mind and you just can’t find a solution to your business problem. What makes it worse is your deadline is looming. You sit there at your desk, rigid and tired, but determined not to leave until you figure it out.

That could be a big mistake! What you really need is a change of scene. I appreciate what Michelle Dale, CEO of Virtual Miss Friday said, “If you stay stuck in one place physically, then maybe your mind is stuck in one place psychologically. Change your surrounding, look at something new, and your mind can follow with new thoughts.”

As a business owner you have to keep your creative spark alive. You need to be creative in order to solve problems, develop new products and services and figure out ways to connect with your target market. A change of scene is a simple way to keep your creative and problem-solving skills sharp when you’re working so hard – sometimes literally day and night.

Here are some ways to change your scene and give your creative and problem-solving skills a much-needed boost:

Go out to lunch. Of course there will be days that the easiest thing to do is eat at your desk. But don’t make it a daily habit. If you work from home, leave your desk and eat somewhere else in your home since physically removing yourself from your work will help to clear your mind.We live in a remote world where you can virtually run your business online or via phone but nothing totally replaces face-to-face interaction. Lunch is a great opportunity to meet up with a business partner, vendor or client. Leaving your desk for a while will leave you more energized in the afternoon.

Go for a walk or workout. Studies have shown that exercise has a tremendous effect on your ability to solve problems and be creative. Walking outdoors has the added benefit of stimulating your brain with a new and different environment every time you step outside.

Many entrepreneurs use their daily walk as their business development time. As you boost your metabolism and circulation, notice how new solutions and creative ideas will start flowing. As an added benefit you’ll feel better too!

Go to a networking event. This is especially important to business owners. If you work alone physical remoteness can result in mental isolation, which can be truly stifling to your innovation. You also can’t get a feel for your market or industry if you’re behind your desk 24/7.

So try to schedule at least one local networking event to attend every month and get to know other local business owners. Consider attending an industry conference on an annual basis, which has the added benefit of some travel. This requires planning but this change of environment will provide you with all kinds of new insights and ideas that you can use to build your business.

Go on vacation. You may think you don’t have time to go on vacation. But leaving work behind can be a huge boost to your productivity. You’ll come back with a fresh, new perspective. A true work sabbatical is like hitting the reboot button on your life – it will help you thrive as a business owner.

What if taking a week or more off is not attainable right now? That’s okay – there are other practical ways to unwind. Maybe you can take one weekday off per month to play. Don’t run errands, or pay bills, do something you enjoy like going to a movie, reading a novel or taking your family to the park or beach for the day.

As the owner of your business you have to find a way to keep your creative spark alive. If you’re barricading yourself in your office 24/7, you’re missing out on a world of sights and sounds that can keep you feeling inspired. So the next time you feel really stuck, go for a change of scene. You might find the solution you’re looking for right outside your office door.

Predictable Results™ Assignment:

Review the four suggestions on ways to change your scene. Pick one that you would like to implement and get it scheduled on your calendar today.

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