Deliver on Your Promises to Create a Standout Brand

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March 25, 2015
Deliver on Your Promises to Create a Standout Brand

Isn’t it true that we usually only talk about businesses that are terrible or that excel? The ones that meet our expectations or are simply adequate are easily forgotten. So the lesson is: don’t be forgettable. You are a unique person and you can create a standout brand if you tap into that uniqueness in ways that appeal to your ideal clients.

To be remembered you must deliver on your exceptional promises. The good news is you don’t need a big budget to do this type of branding. Exceptional service doesn’t need to cost a lot. It just takes thinking creatively from the consumer’s point of view and then following through.

Awhile back a very knowledgeable and experienced image consultant, Beth Bores, approached me because she wanted to move to the next level and become recognized as a trusted, top-notch consultant and trainer for bigger corporate clients. She wanted to make this move strategically AND authentically in the shortest amount of time.

The first thing we did was to identify Beth’s specific market with greater clarity so we could then devise strategies to increase her positioning as an expert in the field and her overall professional visibility. She later told me that this gave her a keener understanding of the value of her services and she got really clear on what she had to offer that is unique within the image consulting space. She learned how to generate amazing, transformational results for her clients and that, in turn, has transformed her business.

Did you notice where it began? It starts with thinking about how you can transform the lives of your specific audience. Get inside the head of your customers so your service truly excels. Focus on delivering exceptional customer value. Clients are looking to you to create transformational results for them. So ask yourself:

What is the big bold promise that if delivered, will make them a loyal client for life?

What are the little, perhaps unexpected, extras that will show them you appreciate their business?

Up-leveling the client experience will make a memorable impression on them. To accomplish this you not only need to think about how they view you, you also need to think about how you view them.

So here are some soul-searching questions to ask yourself about how you see your clients:

Are you in business for the quick buck? Or do you love your business and want to make a real contribution toward helping each client live a happier and better life?

Do you see your clients only as dollar signs? Or do you see and really care about people who need your expertise to solve their problems?

Do you hide behind a false persona out of fear? Or do you let your authentic and sincere self shine so that clients are attracted to the real you?

How you answer these questions matters because how you feel about your business and your clients is going to surface. If you want to create a standout brand you need to be “all in” – totally committed to your client’s success and willing to promise exceptional results.

But here’s a word of advice about promises. Remember, if you make a promise or even imply a promise, you must keep it. Disappointed clients don’t come back. Once they’re gone you can’t get them back. In fact, they’ll discourage those who do want to come to you.

What might your clients view as deal breakers?

Do you miss deadlines? Or do you strive to get the work done a day or two early? (Of course you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work. I recommend you create a systematic way for delivering high quality work consistently.)

Do you do only enough to fulfill your obligation? Or are you adding value by making your client really feel good? (This involves seeing your client as a person and building a relationship with him or her.)

Do you bluster your way through a mistake, perhaps even shifting the blame to the client in some manner? Or do you accept responsibility and apologize? (When you own your part of the mistake, people are more likely to overlook it and move on with you.)

These questions get you thinking, don’t they? Delivering on your promises takes work but it’s worth the effort. It raises you above the noise. It helps you create a brand where clients want more of what you have to offer and are eager to refer you to others.


Predictable Results™ Assignment

Think about how you can enhance your client experience. Do you communicate the results you’re clients will get when the work with you? Do you provide exceptional service and follow through? If you realize you’re guilty of a deal breaker, write out a strategy for improving.

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As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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