Creating a Persuasive Presentation to Magnetically Attract Clients

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September 28, 2017
Creating a Persuasive Presentation to Magnetically Attract Clients

One surefire way to attract more clients is to speak about your expertise, whether it’s for free or fee. Unlike other forms of marketing, speaking enables your audience to actually experience what you do, why you do it and how it improves their lives.

If you’ve ever listened to a great presenter you know how they can quickly captivate you. You may think that you could never be that captivating. But this is a skill you can learn! And when you do, your audience will find themselves wondering what it would be like to work with you and what you could do to improve their condition. That’s why I believe public speaking is one of the fastest ways to obtain more clients.

Here are nine tips I teach my clients to speak strategically to the right groups and quickly turn audience participants from prospects into clients. Their results are predictable so read on to discover how to walk out of speaking engagements with more money than you ever thought possible.

9 Public Speaking Tips to Walk Out of the Room with Predictable Income:

1). Be Selective Where You Speak. You only want to speak where your ideal target clients are present to interact, learn and network with others. This one tip alone can save you a ton of time and the heartbreak of speaking at venues where the audience either isn’t interested or can’t afford your services.

2). Give Them a Taste So They Want More. If you want to craft a compelling presentation that magnetically attracts new clients, you need to create signature talks strategically designed around the type of work you provide in your programs. Don’t be generic. Instead, make sure to cover key points of your one-of-a-kind solutions. Give them a taste of what they’d get by purchasing your premium program.

3). Design a Compelling Speaker Kit. Put together a 1-2 page speakers kit that you can send out to organizations. Your speakers page needs to include up to three signature talks, what participants will gain from your speech, a few testimonials, your bio, and a professional photo.

4). Snappy Titles Draw Bigger Audiences. You’ll want to create a short, snappy benefit headline that will not only intrigue the person selecting the speakers, but also will pull in a bigger audience which is great for you! I suggest having a snappy headline that is not longer than 5-8 words.

5). Interact Instead of Preaching. Many speakers make the mistake of talking too much and the audience becomes disengaged. Ensure you have plenty of time for audience interaction, exercises, facilitation, and group dynamics to keep them highly engaged with you. I even suggest being a bit of a contrarian and asking them provocative, thought-provoking questions.

6). Seed Your Talks with Stories. Weave in a personal or client story that helps you illustrate a point. If you want some private clients weave in a quick story of the kind of transformative results your client got from working with you. When you frame this conversationally it lets your audience know you work with private clients without sounding salesy. Stories are great marketing fertilizer!

7). Be Proactive Marketing Your Speaking Expertise. You’ll need to market yourself as a speaker. First, determine where you want to speak, reach out to the organization and let them know you have some speaking programs that would be very valuable to their members. Once you start speaking you’ll find yourself getting more invitations. Ultimately, you’ll want to be speaking at least once a month.

8). Ask and It Will Be Given. If you are speaking for free, which requires giving up valuable time to prepare, travel and speak, you want to make sure it’s worth your while. So ask for things that will help ensure you get new clients. Ask for testimonials, a table where you can lay out your marketing materials, the opportunity to make a special program offer, or professional photos of you speaking. Say, “In lieu of my normal speaking fee of $X, I’d like to request…”

9). Give The Audience a Powerful Call to Action. The worst thing you can do is show up, give a stellar talk and then walk away. But I see if happen all the time. You always should end your talk with a call to action. Invite them to a complimentary discovery call with you next week, provide them with a VIP special offer on one of your programs, or encourage them to sign-up for your newsletter for more tips on the topic. If you don’t give them a call to action, you’re actually doing them a disservice.

Speaking is one of the fastest paths to cash. If you implement these public speaking tips, you’ll have a full pipeline of new clients, you’ll share your expertise on a bigger platform, and you’ll be on your way to adding lucrative fee-based speeches as another income stream.

If you’re serious about implementing this strategy in your business, you’ll want to purchase my Skyrocket Your Business with Signature Talks audio program. Not only do I walk you through everything I’ve done to make both fee and free speaking a major client attraction tool, I also give you templates and worksheets to get you started. If you have questions about my private coaching program, please contact me 800-267-3245 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Predictable Results™ Assignment

If you are new at speaking, start by crafting a Signature Presentation so you can start marketing yourself as a speaker. If you already have a presentation ready to go, make a list of potential organizations you can contact.

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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