Client Success Stories


I grew my business 645% this year with Sarah’s guidance!

"It’s hard to put into words how amazing my experience was working with Sarah in her Platinum Program this past year. I grew my business by 645% this last year with her guidance and support. Sarah provides practical and useful feedback, advice, and support that I was able to implement IMMEDIATELY for IMMEDIATE profitable results. Why should you hire Sarah? That’s easy… when people coach with Sarah they make more money PLUS increase their confidence in themselves and their business. I was able to design high level programs, expand my vision for my business, create innovative programs and significantly raise my fees and reduce labor intensity. The investment was worth every penny, considering I recouped my investment back more than 5x over. With Sarah’s guidance in helping me expand my services into the corporate sector I know that the best is yet to come. You also have full access to her library of audios and templates that you can implement in your business. Because Sarah is a strategist she helped me think high level and offers insights and actions that have significantly moved the needle in my business. If you are looking for a business coach who will stretch you beyond your limits to ultimately achieve higher levels of success – I highly recommend Sarah."

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh
President of AICI San Francisco Chapter
Camas, WA



Within my first year of partnering with Sarah I’ve replaced my 9-5 salary!

"Before hiring Sarah as my coach in her Platinum Program, I had just started my image consulting business. I wasn’t exactly confident I could build this sustainable business by myself. Within my first year of partnering with Sarah I have replaced my 9-5 salary and experienced greater freedom. She helped me create a focused, customized plan to build my business. With Sarah’s guidance I quickly moved from offering one-off services to programs for higher level clients, elevated my fee structures, became more selective of who I wanted to work with and positioned myself to speak at the right venues to increase my client pipeline. Learning how Sarah does her discovery calls is eye-opening as I no longer feel like I have to sell to my prospects because in her system the prospect sells themselves into one of your programs. In this program, you have full access to her library to listen to her expertise on a variety of subjects around marketing, mindset and business models. Since hiring Sarah, I’ve noticed a steady monthly increase in revenue and personally I’ve experienced greater confidence and credibility than a year ago. I’m now confident of the value I bring to my clients and I’m focused on growing my company. Investing in Sarah’s Platinum program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Charmaine Bryan
Toronto, CA



$2,000 Signature Programs Maximized My Income!

business_test_tara_hooper1“Sarah has taught me many tangible skills and strategies to price my programs, follow a successful business model, and provide exceptional services to my clients. But she also gave me the confidence to ask for higher compensation in exchange for what I bring to the table. I am a generous person, but in the past I gave away too much of time without receiving enough in return. I often felt unsatisfied and sometimes resentful. But now I have high-level signature programs, so I am giving clients even more value – and they are happy to pay more because I help them achieve great results.

Sarah also showed me how to articulate my value with specific marketing language and presentation skills. That made it possible for me to attract corporate clients, broaden my service offerings, and charge $2,000 for signature programs that maximize my income. Oftentimes, as business owners, we don’t see the forest for the trees. Sarah helped me see that I do have prospects and leads and that by leveraging my time more strategically I can expand my business while I reduce my labor intensity and spend more quality time with my family.

I am working smarter by using automated business systems that free up my time to focus on being more productive in less time. I have a much clearer vision of the service I want to emphasize, and have evolved from a hair stylist and makeup artist into a full-fledged image consultant. I have confidence and credibility, and am much more strategic and successful about asking my clients for valuable referrals. Hiring Sarah as my coach has been an amazing and rewarding investment. I've grown so much over this past year, and have gained incredible insight and confidence to do corporate work. Sarah can accelerate your business to new heights of professionalism and profitability, and I encourage you to invest in her coaching and training programs.”

Tara Hooper
Dallas, Texas


I wanted to learn from someone who has blazed her own trail before me!

mentor_test_mia_l“Sarah’s Platinum Program enabled me to expand my services and offer more value through lucrative programs that include not just appearance but also brand, behavior, and communications consulting. Now I’m focused in a variety of ways to deliver greater, more multidimensional image value to my clients, and my business model reflects that with pricing for private clients, group workshops, and corporate coaching. I know how to easily expand a 2-hour workshop into a more profitable full-day program, and I’ve learned ways to offer a wide spectrum high-end signature programs.

I gained a great deal of business development acumen from Sarah. She taught me the importance of investing in myself, believing in my vision, and owning the fact that I am capable of accomplishing greatness as a solo consultant. The audio training in the Platinum program was fantastic, and there is a complete library covering all sorts of training topics. By taking advantage of those resources I am much more focused, with a positive action plan, and I no longer limit who I am to just an image consultant. I realize I’m also a skilled marketer who has unique products and services that add real value to the lives of others. I have the confidence it takes to do this higher-level consulting work, and I am better equipped to manage my time, thanks to utilizing more efficient business systems and managing my leadership mindset for personal growth and professional achievement.

I wanted to learn from someone who has blazed her own trail before me, and Sarah’s experience and know-how has been invaluable. Prior to our work together I was playing a much smaller game. Now I have more value to offer others and the confidence and capability to play a much bigger game. That is having a huge impact on my life. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to expand their business without delay and attain a much higher level of success!

Mia LaMotte, AICI CIC
Mia LaMotte Consulting
Raleigh, North Carolina


Michelle Augenstein
Corner Office Image
San Francisco, CA


New Confidence, Expertise, and Success!

assata“My coaching experience with Sarah Hathorn through her Illustra Business Coaching Platinum program has been highly beneficial, to say the least. Working with Sarah helped me get my consulting business off the ground with real speed and momentum. After working with Sarah for a few short months, for example, I sold my largest image consulting package ever.

The process has also been extremely helpful in terms of my personal development. I have seen myself grow in confidence and I’ve learned to trust my business instincts more. That’s because now they are fully supported by proven tools and techniques and I have a powerful set of new skills that add to my credibility and success rate. One of my greatest challenges was my fear of networking, which stemmed from previous experiences and impressions I had. With Sarah’s help I have begun a transformative process of retraining my perceptions and my inhibitions about promoting myself to others. Now I realize that if I am just genuine and authentic, that will attract the connections I seek and market me in a dynamic way. I am already able to be more confident interacting with strangers, because of this shift in mindset.

From day one, the program gave me a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the types of services I wanted to offer, and that helped me identify my target audience, ideal clientele, and primary area of focus. Before receiving that kind of guidance I didn’t even realize how important that was. But now my goals are very specific and I am not wasting time staying busy with projects and marketing concepts that don’t contribute to business growth.

Since working with Sarah I designed new packages and started using appropriate pricing, too, and that really fits nicely into my business model. I can now close sales by asking the right questions to understand the needs of my clients, and then give them tailored solutions, which is so satisfying and rewarding for both me and them. That aspect of Sarah’s training is truly invaluable. I have successfully conducted my own seminars, too, in areas of expertise that I used to think were out of my range. My 5th seminar was extremely well-received, and the group expressed a desire for me to return because of “popular demand.” That was a wonderful feeling and confidence booster.

As I get busier, I apply time management strategies learned from Sarah to set my priorities and hold myself accountable with goals that keep me motivated and task-oriented. Most importantly, I have learned to just keep going and take 100% responsibility for the growth of my business. I now realize my own capabilities, and I value my skills and know-how, including setbacks I encountered in the past that I have managed to reframe into valuable experiences. All of that I now view as leading to where I am now, and that helps me to capture the interest and attention of my target audience as I expand my business.”

Assata Omowale
Trinidad & Tobago


Transformational Journey to Predictable Success!

test_courtney1“Working with Sarah Hathorn was a transformational moment in my life. When we began our journey, I was in the process of setting up my business and moving back to my hometown. Fast- forward to today and my business has taken off in a positive and completely different direction than I had originally planned. Sarah provided me with new paradigms to apply to my professional life. Her fresh perspective not only afforded me with greater clarity of purpose, but also taught and enabled me to stretch myself way beyond my comfort zone.”

Courtney Nichol
Detroit, Michigan


Coaching Clarity, Confidence, and Connections

IBC_ezine_image_09242015-3-A_NEW“Thanks to Sarah Hathorn’s expert coaching, I have experienced so much more focus around growing my business with a clear, concrete vision. She helped me develop a set of genuine core values, and from there we outlined much bigger and bolder objectives. But she also equipped me with the all-important personal and professional confidence that I need to empower me to reach those goals and achieve the dreams I have for my business.

Working with Sarah means that you no longer have to go it alone or guess your way to the next step. She becomes your own confidential success partner who has already gone through the same struggles and challenges involved in building a profitable business. She shared a complete tool kit of proven strategies and fresh marketing plans that would have otherwise probably taken me years to develop on my own.

After a short time of coaching with Sarah, for instance, I transitioned from just representing other private brands or labels and I created my own exclusive brand of custom clothing for men. That involved researching the perfect vendor to guarantee that my elite clientele look the part of highly successful leaders in their fields. I’m already attracting well-known celebrity clients – and Sarah is helping me apply multiplier principles to get fabulous referrals from them to keep automatically expanding my database of ideal clients.

Relationships are a key to success in any entrepreneurial venture, too, and Sarah is a real expert at knowing how to establish and nurture long-term, sustainable client relationships and industry partnerships. That’s allowed me to gain valuable repeat business from my clientele who continue to use my wardrobe services again and again. To guarantee that they receive top-notch, extraordinary 5-star service Sarah also showed me how to implement intelligent business processes and customer service systems that not only exceed the expectations of my clients but also help me to run my business more efficiently. Now I am working smarter, not just harder.

When you have a coach who has walked in your shoes and knows what you are trying to do to build a successful business everything makes more sense and is easier to accomplish. Running a new business can sometimes drive you crazy, and you may feel like you are alone in unchartered territory. But with Sarah Hathorn on your team and by your side you have a trusted, knowledgeable ally to point out the pitfalls while keeping you on track to achieve your goals.”

Dartrice White
D.A.White Custom Clothier
San Antonio, Texas


Step it Up and Go - to the Next Success Level!

Dawn Stebbing“I attended one of Sarah’s AICI CEU programs in Chicago, and wanted to learn ways to elevate my business to the next level – so I hired her as my private coach. I love listening to Sarah. If I have a question she is able to pull more out of me – in ways that are so subtle I don’t even realize it. I’ll mention an idea, and she’ll talk to me in a way that delves into much deeper insights. All of a sudden the conversation goes into another dimension that is very enlightening and I gain more clarity, focus, and confidence.

I was amazed at how much I learned that I could directly apply to my business. I finished my book, “The Power is in the Pearl,” had a high-visibility launch party, and gained greater credibility that attracted more speaking engagements. I was even accepted into the National Speakers Association. Sarah helped me upgrade my marketing, create lead-generation tools, and design my own signature programs with clear, consistent messaging. I’m not sure any of that would have been possible, though, were it not for the incredible mindset management principles Sarah imparted. Those empowered me to believe in myself with confidence to expand the value and pricing of my signature programs and speaking engagements. I really stepped up and repositioned myself, while taking advantage of new opportunities. Today people are referring me more and more – so my brand is able to continually evolve and grow as doors keep opening.

Having 24/7 access to private coaching through Sarah’s more than 70 training audios and tons of worksheets also allowed me to take in the information and customize it to scale my business. Whenever I need a dose of Sarah’s coaching, I can just tune in and capitalize on it. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to uplevel their business in a big way!”

Dawn Stebbing, AICI FLC
St. Paul, Minnesota


My Life-Changing Coaching Experience

Silvia Guerra“I attended one of Sarah’s programs in Guadalajara, Mexico and got so much out of it that I hired her to be my private coach. What a great experience! During the entire Platinum Coaching Program, she also provided coaching calls with Ale Marroquin, who has extensive expertise here in Mexico. That way I could adapt all of the valuable strategies Sarah shared in a way that customized them for my specific market.

 I learned powerful success principles, coupled with mindset management techniques to ensure than I implemented them to grow and expand. The dynamic duo of Sarah and Ale helped me not just face my own fears but overcome them, which elevated my confidence as a business owner and leader and also in my personal life.

Sarah also helped prepare me for the AICI FLC certification exam, which I subsequently passed. That attracted new clients and opened important doors for me, such as the chance to give an image presentation in Argentina with a strategic partner. I’ve also been offered an important position teaching image consulting at a well-known university in Mexico.

I highly recommend Sarah and Ale. They can help you, too, to gain greater clarity and focus and to design an ideal business model and plan for success. Platinum Coaching didn’t just elevate my skills, knowledge, and confidence, but it translated into golden opportunities that have truly changed my life!”

Silvia Guerra, AICI FLC
Aguascalientes, Ags, Mexico


A Priceless Entrance into the Corporate Arena

Beth BoresWhen I first met Sarah Hathorn I was already knowledgeable and experienced in the image consulting business. But I wanted to move to the next level and become recognized as a trusted, top-notch consultant and trainer for bigger corporate clients.

I was trying to find a way to move into that competitive and lucrative corporate arena in the shortest amount of time, too. Although I wanted to advance quickly, though, I definitely did not want to risk taking harmful shortcuts that might undermine my development and long range success.

When I started working with Sarah I wasn’t clear about who my ideal target audience was or what kind of business model I wanted. She helped me identify my specific market with greater clarity, to begin attracting those kinds of clients more easily. We also devised strategies to increase my marketing, my positioning as an expert in the field, and my overall professional visibility.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that while working with Sarah I moved from Atlanta to Barcelona, Spain. But through it all she kept me focused and held me accountable to achieve my dreamswhile providing me with full support. Now I have a keener understanding of the value of my services and I’m clear on what I have to offer that is unique within the image consulting space. Over the past year I’ve learned how to generate amazing, transformational results for my clients – and that has transformed my marketing and my business.

With that kind of clarity comes confidence. I’m now completely comfortable talking about how I work and what I offer to everyone. There is no hesitation as I step into my power and own the value of my premium programs. I’m more confident in my pricing and have increased my fees and expanded into the areas of speaking, professional development seminars, and private coaching.

I’ve learned how to increase my service offering to companies by emphasizing behavior and communication skills, and by doing deeper work with my private clients and also during my professional development seminars.

I’ve worked hard and implemented everything Sarah shared with me and now I am reaping all the rewards. I feel extremely proud of all the things I have accomplished during a short period of time. Working with Sarah gave me everything I needed to get me to where I am today. I highly recommend her as a mentor and business coach if you want to amplify your business results in record time!

Beth Bores
Owner, ACC Imagen
Barcelona, Spain


To put it simply, my private coaching experience with Sarah was nothing less than life-changing and career-accelerating!

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_reni_t“When I started working with Sarah I was literally just getting my very first business off the ground. That was a scary time. But Sarah helped me overcome my fears while constantly raising the bar of expectations to push me way beyond my limits and see exciting potential where I used to see impossible challenges I was not sure I could handle.

Now, just a few months later, I have not only built my own great business, but it is an international company with presence on two continents. V3 Ideal Image Consulting has a rock-solid foundation for growth and expansion, awesome marketing strategies, and a unique brand that is fresh, innovative, and memorable. All I have to do to keep moving forward is to follow the clear blueprint Sarah and I created and success is guaranteed – to the next level and beyond.

I loved having direct access to reach out to Sarah whenever I had questions, because her feedback was very detailed and helpful. Her timely monthly calls and Q&A sessions with me were so valuable during that critical launch phase. She provided me with expert insight into how to price my services, for example, to capture more revenue without tipping the scale and being too expensive. If I did something that Sarah didn't think would work she always gave me honest and prompt feedback, which saved me countless time, money, and work. 

I also learned a huge amount about marketing strategies, how to sell my products, how to bring new clients on board, and how to work with clients virtually and efficiently. Sarah showed me what to do to stay competitive, keep my clients returning for more, and what to do to gain ongoing referrals. She also helped me fill out my brand’s bandwidth with tips on blogging, writing articles, and leveraging social media to network and spread the word about my products and services. That included help from her business partner and husband Marc who advised me on my logo, business card, and website designs.

Because of the dedication and support she showed me as my mentor and coach I will recommend Sarah any time. All thanks to Sarah and Marc!”

Morenike Tunde-Idowu
Founder, V3 Ideal Image Consulting
Toronto, Canada


With Sarah’s teachings and guidance I’ve increased my revenues, become a public speaker, and launched a corporate consulting career!

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_michelle_a“During this past year of working with Sarah I’ve grown my business to an entirely new level, while experiencing empowering personal growth as well. She totally believes in me and pushes me to think bigger, reach higher, hit my goals, and realize my dreams. Having private access to her expertise is priceless. Not only that, but she also lets me have 24-hour access to her entire proprietary business blueprint library. That way I can immerse myself in her image industry success principles and formulas for predictable results.

I chose Sarah to be my success mentor after graduating from the London Image Institute, so that I could learn how she increases her individual client base and forges lucrative partnerships with major corporations. By leveraging the lessons of her corporate experience I’ve already begun to attract greater numbers of corporate clients and obtain more corporate consultancy work and professional development workshops than I ever imagined.

Her vision, laser focus, and inspiration requires you to immediately up-level and be accountable. Along the way Sarah also impressed upon me just how important mindset and marketing can be when scaling a business. But she provides nurturing support and a huge boost of confidence throughout the entire process, to ensure great results. I grew so much over the past year as my business expanded that I chose to sign up with Sarah for another year, in her private Platinum program.

Sarah is one of those rare business coaches whose influence goes deep and resonates both professionally and personally. What I’ve learned from her supports me in practical career-accelerating ways as well in ways that enhance my overall quality of life. What a wise investment! If you are looking for one of the best business coaches in the image industry, I highly recommend Sarah Hathorn!”

Michelle Augenstein
Founder, Corner Office Image
Oakland, California


My best investment ever! I doubled my rates in just a few weeks and booked lucrative corporate contracts to achieve predictable business success!

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_carolina_b“Since I began coaching with Sarah I’ve made more money, secured large corporate contracts and have taken quantum leaps in my business. I knew that in working with Sarah I would get my return on investment, but I never imagined it would happen so quickly. Investing in Sarah’s Platinum Program has been the single most valuable investment I’ve ever made in my business and in myself. I’ve reached higher levels of predicable success than I ever imagined! There are thousands of “business coaches” out there, but none of them can stretch you beyond your limitations like Sarah does. If you want to become the best in your industry ~ learn from the best! Sarah is really a master at helping you step up to claim your celebrity positioning and play bigger than you’ve ever played before!”

Carolina Bejar, AICI CIP
Estilo en Imagen
Mexico City, Mexico


Sarah’s Results Speak for Themselves: Sarah Accelerates Careers and Amplifies Revenues

Lynne headshot_120“I believe that to accurately evaluate coaches you must look at their client results, and in that area Sarah Hathorn absolutely excels. As a Master Trainer at the London Image Institute, for example, Sarah has done wonders for our students. She’s helped many of them land influential speaking engagements and corporate assignments; gain widespread, high-profile media exposure; write and publish books, and firm-up lucrative long-term business partnerships. She’s also empowered them to take the scary step of quitting their day jobs to become successful full-time image consultants and double or triple their income.

She also offers several affordable levels of coaching. During her Illustra Success Circle program’s bi-monthly brainstorming sessions, for instance, Sarah generously shares her extensive experience as a business coach and mentor. She gives entrepreneurial clients innovative tools and customized resources with which to design and grow their businesses step-by-step. During all of Sarah’s focused sessions she teaches the same techniques and strategies that allowed her to triple her revenues in just 12 months during one of the worst economies in history.

Sarah works with business owners from all fields and professions on breakthrough issues involving mindset, messaging, marketing and brand. Many of her clients come to her by word of mouth and a large number of them return to work with her again and again – a testament to the fact that her proprietary secrets and unique processes add profound value.

For more than 30 years Sarah served as a senior level executive at Macy’s, where it was her responsibility to train and develop Fortune 100 leaders. Career development and advancement is her professional calling and personal passion. She has helped London Image Institute graduates, corporate executives, top health care professionals, and leading entrepreneurs attain exceptional results.

Sarah also lives what she professes. In her own consulting company she applied the same principles that she teaches and tripled her revenues in just 12 months – during one of the worst economic periods in history.

So whether you’re struggling to overcome a deep-seeded fear of failure or success or simply want to skyrocket your career as fast as possible and experience your full potential, you must contact Sarah.”

Lynne Marks, AICI CIM
London Image Institute
Past-President, AICI
Atlanta, Georgia


My coaching investment has paid for itself at least 10 times over in the revenue, visibility and positioning I’ve been able to achieve.

Margaret Batting“In working with Sarah for a second round of coaching, I quickly paid back my total program investment with one client in the first month. My coaching investment has paid for itself at least 10 times over in the revenue, visibility and positioning I’ve been able to achieve. In this time working with Sarah I’ve up-leveled my marketing tremendously by designing a new website, setting up business systems, and changing my mindset to continue to step up my game. Today I think bigger, I have gotten greater clarity on my niche, and I’ve begun the transformational shift to become the ideal person I want to become to live out my purpose and leave my legacy. In these last few months, with Sarah’s guidance I’ve attracted more ideal high-end clients, broadened my service offerings, and gotten speaking opportunities at Ivy league universities and dream corporations.

Sarah’s mindset coaching has helped me see a new perspective through a positive lens. I’ve had several remarkable shifts throughout my last two coaching series with Sarah, including the ability to make life-altering decisions that enable me to walk away from negative and energy-draining people and to shift into a positive energ and mindset. Another major shift I’ve had is that I now run my business more efficiently, and I’m also building new long-lasting personal and professional relationships because now I truly understand who I am and I’m owning my brand value. These big break-throughs over the last several months have taught me that I’m worthy of having a great work-life balance -- I now know that I can be an amazing mom while owning a business doing what I love. Sarah has helped me understand that it’s okay to give myself permission to enjoy my life, and it is possible to design your life around your business instead of your business around your life.

Knowing that Sarah will hold me accountable and stretch me while guiding me to achieve my goals, I’ve decided to sign up for my third coaching program with her so I can continue to grow even further and discover what’s next for my business. I feel my life right now is what I want -- I’m happy, confident and ready for the next big leap!”

Margaret Batting, AICI FLC, PBS
Margaret Batting Image Communications
Past-President, AICI New England Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts


Sarah’s private coaching gave me the laser sharp focus I needed to write my book, design an online program, and significantly raise my fees!

Tonya Evans"Sarah's strategic approach and long-term vision have been a tremendous asset to me and have enabled me to achieve several measurable goals throughout the coaching program. I worked with Sarah as a client when I initially launched my consulting business several years ago and I was very happy with the results. I launched my first product with Sarah, a book entitled The Get Dressed Guide for the Public Presenter: Wow An Audience of One or Auditorium of 1,000. After I got my first product off the ground, I reached out to Sarah again in early 2013 as I looked to significantly increase my revenue in the coming year. Sarah was instrumental in helping me create a roadmap to transition my messaging and expand my client base and add more value to my programs thus charging higher value-based fees. She also helped me develop my first virtual online training sessions based on my background and experience that further position me as an expert and provide another facet of my business.

Additionally, she helped me map out all of the important components to launch my first online course. I am now speaking often, having secured corporate and organizational speaking engagements since I began my work with Sarah, and as a result I am getting more clients on an ongoing basis. Thanks to Sarah’s coaching and vision, I am now dominating the South Florida market and positioned to grow even further. If you are looking to attract ideal clients, increase your fees, become the celebrity in your locale or design some online products ~ Sarah will get you to the top!"

Tonya Evans
Style Strategist, Inc.
Miami, Florida


Real results to instantly uplevel your career!

“Coaching with Sarah has been a great experience. Not only has she helped to keep me sane (worry-free) and in the right mindset, but we’ve attracted significantly larger numbers of ideal clients into our business. Now I stay in a positive frame of mind and the little setbacks never knock me off track.

I admit that leaving my corporate job was a bit precarious. A big leap of faith was required to launch our own business. But thanks to Sarah’s guidance I am more confident than ever before, and I’m now living my best life ever! I can’t believe it! I’m so satisfied, and I’ve overcome my self-erected roadblocks, illuminated my journey, and stepped-up to share my gifts with the world. What I have now is so much better that I would never go back.

Our business recently hired a 5-star team to provide enhanced value to our clients, so we can now focus as business owners should on playing our biggest game with big-picture vision. With Sarah’s help we have also set up scalable business systems that will allow us to continue our growth and expansion. That’s important because we are now on our way to spectacularly high revenues, way ahead of our expectations, with a sustainable model that will keep our revenues growing by leaps and bounds.

Don’t get me wrong – we still have a lot of challenges we face every day in building our business, but Sarah taught me some great mind set techniques that helps me look at those challenges with optimism and resolve, rather than with fear and anxiety That is one of the biggest benefits I gained from our coaching, so thank you!!

I can’t thank Sarah enough for helping propel me and my business to exponentially greater success. Best of all, I have a much healthier and more rewarding work/life balance with my business partner/spouse. You just can’t put a price on that.”

Terra Goeres
Chief Operations Manager, The Net Momentum
Bolder, Colorado


Her experience and skills have made her an enormously successful business coach!

“I’ve been a member of the Illustra Success Circle for just over 6 months. After seeing firsthand what Sarah has to offer, I recently upgraded to become a private Platinum Client, and am ready to take my business to a much bigger level.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sarah is generosity, this is a quality that makes her shine above the rest. Her experience and skills have made her an enormously successful business coach and she shares all her insights, tips and tools with her clients, on how to achieve the same kind of success.

Her coaching goes beyond just theory - she brings focus and discipline to each topic call - it’s on target and always encourages insight on a deeper level. I love the worksheets and ‘call to action’ she emphasizes after each call. It makes me really think about the topic and develop a better understanding on how it can work for me and my business.

I specifically like her style of making me think through the options rather than her instructing me on the decisions I should or should not take. This approach has been invaluable in helping me clarify my objectives and next steps in an effective way.

I look forward to taking things to the next level with Sarah as a private client. As with the Success Circle, I have no doubt it will be an excellent experience.”

Ola Munia
True You Image
Boston, Massachusetts


I have gotten so much valuable information and results from my work with Sarah that I signed up twice as a private client!

“The experience of working with Sarah Hathorn as a Private Platinum Coaching client was extremely valuable to me as someone who was starting a business for the first time and was challenged with the seemingly daunting task of handling the many steps that are necessary to create a foundation for a successful business. Sarah’s knowledge and guidance provided me with a baseline to launch my business step by step and laid out the processes for me to get the guidance I needed, affording me the time and opportunity to consider new ideas and thoughts. Sarah has always made herself available to help me navigate the process and I was able to consult with her off and on during the program.

My work with Sarah quickly led to five speaking engagements, and to creating image-consulting packages to continue to successfully attract more clients. Sarah was there when I needed a quick answer on fees, presentation topics or how to design my business model.

I highly recommend Sarah! I have gotten so much valuable information and results from my work with her, so much so that I have signed up twice as a private client in working with her in the Private Platinum, Leverage Your Business Program!”

Vanessa Weatherspoon
Clarity Image Consulting
Birmingham, Alabama


Created my signature programs to enroll more clients with ease.

Margaret Batting“Working with Sarah has helped my business and me grow in a number of ways. First, she has challenged me to address specific behavioral patterns that have held me back. Second, she has helped me think about my business differently and has worked with me to create options that work for my clients and for me. Sarah provides an objective perspective and guides you to a solution that works for you and your business. I like Sarah’s no-nonsense, yet gentle approach. She helps you get to where you want and need to be! I am working with Sarah again in 2013.”

Margaret Batting, AICI FLC, PBS
Elevé Image Communications
President, AICI New England Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts


She inspired and motivated me to believe in my own success, stretch my boundaries, and accomplish more with greater confidence.

Ale Marroquin "I wanted to achieve better and faster results, with more effective marketing and a higher income. To reach those goals I felt that I needed a professional coach, so I signed up with Sarah as a private Platinum Client and member of her Illustra Success Circle.

Sarah showed me clear, practical ways to improve and polish my brand, take advantage of new technology, and incorporate structured marketing sequences to attract and retain more clients. Her approach is not just about knowing, but about doing. Under her guidance I empowered my consultancy business with signature packages and marketing programs and was able to significantly grow my client base. At the same time I substantially increased my fees and revenues from both corporate and private clients.

Marc was exceptionally helpful, too, adding value through a variety of technological tools that continue to enhance my website and ensure that I deliver better, more efficient services to my clients. Not only is he tech-savvy but he is always happy to help, has great advice, and answers all my questions. In my experience, not many tech people have the ability or patience to lead you through the process from start to finish. But rather than simply telling me how to solve problems, Marc shows personal concern to make sure I understand and get it right.

Despite the fact that I have nearly 20 years of business experience, working with Sarah made me recognize my greater potential for attracting clients and taking action. She has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and experience and is generous about sharing whatever tools and methods have worked for her. She also strives very hard to add value for her clients. She inspired and motivated me to believe in my own success, stretch my boundaries, and accomplish more with greater confidence. What more could you possibly ask of a mentor and coach? Sarah’s the best and I enthusiastically recommend her."

Ale Marroquin, AICI FLC
Ale Marroquin Image and Business Etiquette
Mexico City, Mexico


After a few calls with Sarah I had my largest income month of 2012, selling more larger value-based fees and had my first magazine interview

Elizabeth Rouprich"As an image consultant working on getting my (very) part time business to full time, I hired Sarah over a month ago to help me with my plan of action. I had a million questions….Did I have my ducks line up in a row? Was I doing all that I could do to drive my business? Could I actually make a living doing something I’d always dreamed of doing? I’m finding out that “YES” is the answer to these questions and she has been fantastic guiding me through this transition. Although I’m a very organized and driven person, I needed someone in the industry who could critique what I’d done so far and guide me down the right path. I love everything about the one on one coaching! Sarah is always upbeat and optimistic. I also love the fact that the calls are taped and I can listen to them over and over.

Sarah and Marc have been instrumental in giving me great, current information for my website and social media sites. She has pushed me to “Think Big” and “Think outside the box”. Although my website is a work in progress, I know I’m on the right path now. Marc has been very helpful with all of the technical aspects of my business, giving guidance from which hosting company I should sign up with for a blog and website, to different social media sites I should be working with.

Listening to the Success Circle calls have also helped me think about opportunities I might have otherwise missed; places to speak, different formats or platforms to write about, etc. Coming from a retail background myself, Sarah’s knowledge and expertise is priceless by weaving in her information to my business. I love the forms she ties into the monthly calls because it gives me great topics to think about and add to my “toolbox”. The Q & A calls are wonderful because someone else might (and usually does) ask a question, I had not thought about asking and it could pertain to my situation or me personally.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I’ll grow and where I will be when our time is up because in one month of working with Sarah, I feel I’m already light years ahead of where I was last year at this time both mentally and physically."

Elizabeth Rouprich
Visually Appealing, LLC
Greenville, South Carolina


I highly recommend working with Sarah Hathorn as a coach. It is an investment worth making.

Heather Poduska"I first started working with Sarah Hathorn after completing my image consulting training at the London Image Institute. I knew I had received a great foundation at the Institute, however I was nervous about how I was going to proceed once I got home and was on my own. I decided to coach with Sarah to help me get started. It turned out to be a great decision. Sarah helped me define my niche within the industry and to bridge the tenuous gap from training to my first paying client. She helped me define specific goals for my progress and kept me on task with optimistic and consistent support. A major goal for me was participating in a Night of Beauty for a local women's group. With Sarah's help I went to the event feeling completely prepared and confident. As a result I made great contacts and got my name out in the community in a very positive way. What I loved most about working with Sarah was how generous she was with her advice. She has a wealth of knowledge about both the image industry and business building, which she freely shared. Sarah is refreshingly smart, fun and possesses a high degree of integrity. I highly recommend working with Sarah Hathorn as a coach. It is an investment worth making."

Heather Poduska
Clear Voice Image Consulting
Boston, Massachusetts


If you are looking for a mentor to STRETCH you to accelerate your business success I highly recommend Sarah as the business acceleration mentor!

Camille Branda"At the time I met Sarah I was feeling stretched and in a holding pattern. She was the speaker at an event I attended and I knew at that moment that she could elevate my business to its next level. Her “PROCESS” resonated with me and knew it would provide me with the logistic and marketing support I needed at this critical juncture. Through private coaching in her “Catapult Your Business Mentoring Program” Sarah was able to share with me her step-by-step formula for growing my business. With this type of clarity, innovative ideas and full support I was excited to implement this strategic plan.

Her motivational voice and assignments led the way. I quickly set up more comprehensive service offerings, speaking engagements, innovative methods to repurpose my proprietary content, design my presentation-in-a-box, and set up business systems and processes to leverage my business income. She shared influential language with me to use in building client rapport and ways to engage and present my marketing messages. She has inspired me to play a much bigger game in my business! If you are looking for a mentor to STRETCH you to accelerate your business success I highly recommend Sarah as the business acceleration mentor!"

Camille Branda
Branda Style
New York, New York


Without Sarah, it would have taken me much longer to reach the goals I set for my business.

“Sarah has great insight and sometimes helped me see things differently. In some cases I changed my plans for implementing my new business because she helped me gain clarity in developing my strategy. Sarah was somebody to listen while I verbalized where I wanted to go, and with her experience she was able to help me figure out how to get there - it would have taken me a long time to discover how to do that on my own.

For someone new in the industry, it is very helpful to have someone with experience & knowledge who is willing to share and guide you. Sarah is very open and willing to share and helped me see things differently and plan appropriately for my new image consulting business. We set goals and she held me accountable for reaching those goals for the success of my new business.”

Jolene Dingler
Prime Image Consulting
Atlanta, Georgia

She gave everything she had and more for the price of the workshop!

“Sarah Hathorn is an over the top professional in everything she does and I’m always amazed to the degree of her knowledge, expertise and giving. I attended her Secrets to Corporate Consultancy 2-Day Masterclass and it was awesome! She gave everything she had and more for the price of the workshop and that’s highly unusual these days. Today it seems that you attend many professional workshop events and you get one tidbit of information but you want more, then you find out to get more that comes with a high price tag of $30,000 or more to learn from that expert.

Everything Sarah offers is extremely valuable and she is so gracious in her giving. She’s a rare individual who gives generously and does so with grace and I envy that quality in her. I’m in awe of Sarah and will continue to learn from rare examples that set the bar high like her. Thank you for everything you’ve given to me and know that I think you rock! I highly recommend if you get the chance to learn from Sarah, run don’t walk, to take full advantage of that opportunity!”

Starla Fitch, M.D.
The Connection Doctor
Atlanta, GA


I highly recommend this course if you are ready to take your business to the next level

ibc_testimoniald_gallaher“I attended Sarah Hathorn’s course, “Secrets to Earning $100,000 & Beyond in the Image Industry”. This was an information packed course that has you really evaluating how you are presenting your business and yourself to the marketplace. Sarah provides the necessary steps and strategies you need to implement to build a more profitable and sustainable image consulting business. I highly recommend this course if you are ready to take your business to the next level.”


Danean Gallaher
AICI San Francisco Bay Area President
The Style Match


I came away with renewed inspiration and solid tactics to begin working on right away

ibc_testimonial_a_ditonno“I recently had the privilege to attend two presentations by Sarah Hathorn at the AICI SFBA 2016 Education Conference and would first of all say, these aren't the first of her seminars I've attended. I believe that is important to note, because I feel it is a real testament to a speaker when someone chooses to attend further presentations after having heard a speaker before. I will add that I would readily 're-up' for more from her in the future - that is how valuable her content was to me.

Sarah spoke on two topics that will help me grow my business and increase my profits, subjects near and dear to my entrepreneur's heart. I came away with renewed inspiration and solid tactics to begin working on right away. 

Sarah is very professional, organized and engaging. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your business or organization.”

Adena DiTonno
Adena Designs Wardrobe & Image Consultant


Sarah guides you to be intentional with your business

“The AICI SFBA Chapter Board was thrilled to have Sarah as one of our speakers at our San Francisco Education Conference February 2016.  Personally, I have heard Sarah speak at both the AICI International Conference as well as our San Francisco Education Conference.  Sarah always speaks from the heart while not sugar coating steps to take to increase your business.  Her presentation is engaging, interactive & so well received by those that hear her speak.  While adding in a bit of humor, a bit of tough love & encouragement – Sarah guides you to be intentional with your business and gives you proven steps to take to get you to the next level.  Thank you Sarah – you were an absolute pleasure!”

Elena Daciuk
AICI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Immediate Past President
Styling Fabulous


I would like to thank you for breathing in beauty, confidence and new life to me this year

As 2015 ends, I would like to thank you for breathing in beauty, confidence and new life to me this year. I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life through your example, mentoring and training at the Advanced Practitioner Course ImageAsia. Thank you for being instruments of God's love, healing and goodness.

May God bless you more. A blessed and prosperous 2016 to you and your families!”

Cybelle Rebutica


This course was one of the best CEU’d courses I have attended in a LONG TIME!

I attended Sarah’s 'Money Mastery: Secrets to Landing Clients & Predictable Revenues' program at the Atlanta Chapter, AICI Education Day.

I have known Sarah for quite some time, but have never had the opportunity to participate in one of her classes.

This course was one of the best CEU’d courses I have attended in a LONG TIME. She has taken all the expert guidance from her personal and business coaches, mentors and leaders and honed it to help entrepreneurs at any level of business.

I especially like the worksheets and quick start tips she shared that help ensure predictable results. Her ability to be clear and concise as well as her generosity with her business systems is definitely a key take away.

I have watched Sarah develop, grow and niche her own business to what it is today. Thank you Sarah for creating such an incredible class for us and I look forward to putting into practice everything you’ve shared!

Karen C. Hughes, AICI CIP


Sarah certainly "wowed" me in this workshop!

ibc_testimonial_c_fulkersonjpg“I have known Sarah Hathorn for over six years and have attended many of her excellent workshops and seminars. As a fellow Image Consultant and CAbi New Member Mentor I've found her Revenue Tripling Secrets to be the most beneficial for me. I would recommend this for anyone who needs to position themselves as an expert and find new revenue streams. Sarah encourages her audience to create a "wow" experience with customers - well she certainly "wowed" me in this workshop. Since taking Sarah's Revenue Tripling Secrets I've brought on three more team members in a very short time. She taught me how to be an expert problem solver, how to identify my avatars and look at my business as the empire it can be.”

Chris Fulkerson, AICI CIP, FFS
VIP Studio – Visual Impact & Presence


Sarah’s presence on the stage was captivating from beginning to end, and the informative giveaways endless.

Louise-Newsome“Sarah Hathorn did a wonderful job as Keynote speaker at the 2013 NAPW Georgia Networking EXPO conference, speaking with great insight, humor and passion. Sarah expertly applied her complex knowledge gleaned during 25 years as an executive in the corporate business world for a well-known national brand to capture our audience. She shared that information with an audience that that was greatly impacted and moved to action by her message: women who are aspiring to be great, or even greater in their professional lives. Sarah’s presence on the stage was captivating from beginning to end, and the informative giveaways endless. Thank you Sarah!”

Louise Newsome
National Director of Chapters
National Association of Professional Women


She is a true leader and inspirational speaker!

jeannette3“Motivating, charismatic and professional are just a few take-away notes that I experienced when working with Sarah Hathorn. She is a true leader and inspirational speaker who provided quality feedback and guidance on the business and marketing tips she presents through her materials and professional experience.

In working with a lot of speakers and presenters in my industry, I’m accustomed to expect anything and be ready for any “challenges” presented – Sarah was fantastic to work with and I had such a positive and pleasant experience that I am working on ways to hire her again for other events and projects. Her energy, knowledge and “can-do” attitude is infectious and I recommend her to other colleagues who are looking for speakers in her field.”

Jeannette Wagner, CMP
President & Corporate Event Producer
J. WAGNER Event Design


Sarah generously shares experience and drive with others so that they too can succeed.

Dawn Stanyon"If you're looking to expand your horizons, grow your business and access your attributes to build amazing programs, training with Sarah Hathorn is the way to do it. Sarah conducted a full-day seminar for my group of New England image consultants, and her content, walk-a-ways and presentation style were a major hit. Sarah generously shares experience and drive with others so that they too can succeed."

Dawn Stanyon, AICI FLC
Director of Sales & Relationships
Emily Post Institute


I liked it so much I decided to work with Sarah one on one.

Margaret Batting"Brand and Marketing Breakthoughs To Attract More Clients with Sarah Hathorn is an absolute must seminar for those not only starting their own business but for those who are ready take their business to the next level. Sarah is a dynamic and fun speaker who helps you understand the most important factors that contribute to a successful business. She makes the concepts easy to understand so you avoid that overwhelming feeling of 'I’ll never be able to do all this stuff'. Her one-day seminar could easily be a two or three day event as she shares so much content. I liked it so much I decided to work with Sarah one on one. Based on her experiences, the programs that she has developed and her style of coaching, I know she can help me achieve my long term goals."

Margaret Batting, AICI FLC, PBS
Elevé Image Communications
President, AICI New England Chapter


With Sarah I learned the easy progression of taking your business from beginner right through to seasoned....I loved it!


Lynne Marks, AICI CIM
London Image Institute
Immediate Past President, AICI


I walked away armed with the knowledge to leverage my business and take it to a new level.

Shauna Heathman"Sarah's workshop on brand strategies was well-received by all members in attendance for our AICI Atlanta Education Day. The uniqueness of her program was that it catered to both beginner and advanced image consultants. Sarah spoke about the areas of business development that are much-needed for individuals building and growing their image consulting businesses. She higlighted different business models for consultants to generate revenue through multiple streams; information that is lacking among our industry. Personally, I walked away armed with the knowledge to leverage my business and take it to a new level. I appreciate Sarah's knowledge, expertise, and overall willingness to share such extensive information to help us grow our businesses."

Shauna Heathman, AICI FLC
Mackenzie Image Consulting
President, AICI Atlanta Chapter


Everyone loved you and felt you were one of the best speakers in our organization.

Shanna Wu“On behalf of AICI NY Tri-State Chapter, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for such a powerful presentation at our 2011 Education day. The information you provided was so valuable and relevant for our image industry, and your enthusiasm and connection with our members were a big plus. The feedbacks I got back were excellent; everyone loved you and felt you were one of the best speakers in our organization.

Thanks again for the fabulous job!”

Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP
SP Image Consulting
VP Education, AICI NY Tri-State Chapter


I experienced my “aha moment” and realized what I needed to do to take my business to the next level.

Jaqu“I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable seminar presented to the AICI NY Tri-State Chapter members on January 29, 2011.

As an image consultant, I have attended many presentations on the topic of company branding and its importance to a business owner but it wasn’t until I sat through your “Empower Your Company Brand” presentation where I experienced my “aha moment” and realized what I needed to do to take my business to the next level. Your material was relevant, transparent and simplified in a way that is easy to implement immediately into one’s every day business.

Thank you for an engaging and dynamic presentation!”

Jacqueline M. Peros
JMP Image & Style Group, LLC
Past President, AICI NY Tri-State Chapter


I love her hands-on, interactive approach and we all were enlightened and incredibly motivated by day’s end.

Catherine Schuller“I am writing this letter on behalf of Sarah Hathorn and the Education Day she recently presented on branding for the New York Chapter on January 29th. The subject of packaging and branding has been on everyone’s minds and when it came time to recommend a speaker on the topic, I immediately encouraged our board to invite her to present her personal brand building intensive.

She delivered a jam packed, well-constructed event that everyone felt privileged to have attended. I was so proud to have my recommendation be met with such a positive reception. I had personally experienced Sarah’s business growth for the past few years and could speak with confidence because not only has she become a wonderful confidante and collaborator, assisting me with my charity functions in Divabetic, but she has become a trusted coach and inspiration for my own business branding endeavors. She didn’t disappoint as her seminar was full of helpful advice and practical ways to focus the task of personal packaging and her laser beam tactics for branding in the age of social media and internet marketing were well received. Her instructional style is easy and accessible and her ability to recommend strategies that are creative yet logical and easy to implement made everyone receptive to her innovative ideas. She has a friendly deliverance that allows her wealth of information to be easily absorbed. I love her hands-on, interactive approach and we all were enlightened and incredibly motivated by day’s end.

I hope to work one on one with her and take advantage of the generous special she gave our chapter for coaching and jumpstarting our business branding efforts. She is a true asset to AICI and will be a fabulous addition to anyone’s programming efforts who engages her and has the pleasure of experiencing her chock-a-block full presentations.”

Catherine Schuller, AICI CIP
CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion


Your invaluable insights, personal stories, engaging speaking style and openness to audience questions enabled all attendees to get the most out of this learning experience.

Cynthia Vincent“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with our chapter on Education Day 2011. I really enjoyed "Empower Your Company Brand” and could tell that our attendees did as well based on the level of participation and energy in the room throughout the day. We did a post event survey that validated that hunch.

You presented your seminar content and branded materials in such a professional manner that it was an excellent model for attendees to emulate in their own businesses to achieve the success they desire. Your invaluable insights, personal stories, engaging speaking style and openness to audience questions enabled all attendees to get the most out of this learning experience. I highly recommend your program to other chapters. Thanks again for making our Education Day a success.”

Cynthia Vincent
VP Marketing, AICI New York Tri-State Chapter