About Illustra Business Coaching

Illustra Business Coaching is an Atlanta-based firm serving small business owners & consultants throughout the entrepreneurial world.

The primary focus of Illustra Business Coaching is to get entrepreneurs measurable results fast, but I have a special empathy and appreciation for personal struggles, psychological challenges, and the importance of authentically leveraging individual passion into marketable professional success.

Illustra Business Coaching is the only global business coaching firm that offers consultation and support from a former Fortune 100 senior level expert in Internet marketing, website development, business branding, and social networking technology. Marc Hathorn brings the full range of assets to the table, and anyone entering the competitive business arena in today’s complex tech-savvy environment understands the critical importance of these computer-based resources and rapidly evolving image and branding tools.

Thanks to a 25-year Fortune 100 tenure as a senior executive we know how to stretch people beyond their comfort zones to play a much BIGGER game in their professional lives. Developing people is both a science and an art, whether you work in a corporate environment or focus on coaching entrepreneurs to take the big leap forward and upward.

Illustra Business Coaching saves its clients time and money by passing along everything we have learned from continually investing in our own professional development by working with the world’s best business and marketing coaches such as Laura West, James Roche, Fabienne Fredrickson and others. That gives us a leading-edge toolbox that contains a wide range of assets including expert insight on branding, online and offline marketing, list-building and networking, professional speaking and PR campaigns, development of unique signature systems, multiple scalable and sustainable business models, and more.

The founding CEO of Illustra Consulting & Illustra Business Coaching is Sarah Hathorn. Marc Hathorn is President of Illustra Business Coaching and Vice-President of Finance and Information Technology for Illustra Consulting. Sarah and Marc have combined experience of nearly 50 years as Fortune 100 company senior level executives and the Illustra Consulting & Illustra Business Coaching client list is a virtual “Who’s Who” of elite companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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