5 Simple Ways to Avoid Business Overwhelm

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May 10, 2012

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Business Overwhelm

Many business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves so trapped in a web of overwhelm that their heads swirl with responsibility and their focus becomes scattered like a kaleidoscope.

The more your business grows the more it spins out of control. You have a flood of visionary ideas but cannot figure out how to implement them. Or you concentrate on one big revenue-generating idea but while you pour energy and resources into it the building blocks of the business crumble from neglect.

Not to worry! Here are 5 core principles to help you avoid getting overwhelmed:

#1 Free Yourself. Then Go Grow Your Business!

To run a vibrant business you need to be free, not tied down by day-to-day operations. That requires elegantly designed systems. You set them up one time only and they continually manage many recurring time-consuming and brain-draining tasks.

I have systems, for example, to automatically handle client data collection, media relations, social networking, marketing funnels, financial accounting, business proposals, lead generation, and more.

That frees me up to devote myself to working with clients, creating fresh content, planning Illustra’s expansion, and envisioning the next exciting phase in my entrepreneurial journey!

#2 Tap into the Power of We

“The Power of We” sounds like a mystic Zen concept. But there is nothing esoteric about multiplying your capabilities and resources by aligning yourself with capable, resourceful experts.

Oftentimes business owners try to figure out all the ways to grow their businesses on their own, but that consumes a lot of precious time and only heightens their financial risk. But we’re on this planet to help and teach one another.

Take advantage of that to learn about hidden pitfalls, smarter shortcuts, and labor-saving techniques. Incredible people power and depth of entrepreneurial experience is yours if you believe in the power of We.

#3 Think Skyscraper Dreams, Not One-Room Ideas

To erect a quaint little bungalow you just need a foundation that consists of a few concrete blocks.

But don’t make the common mistake of starting your business that way or you’ll outgrow your foundation right when you’re on the verge of success. Have you ever seen the foundations they lay when constructing a skyscraper? They’re big enough to hold a jumbo jet.

Create that kind of spacious, robust platform for your entrepreneurial empire to soar and the sky’s the limit!

#4 Your Most Dangerous Competitor is You

You won’t have to worry about conquering the competition and winning your market share if you will simply learn to outmaneuver your own self-limiting fears and lack of confidence.

Focus on defeating the competition within you. The external competition in the fierce business arena will automatically weaken and fade. Stay on the leading edge where you’re never complacent or too comfortable to stimulate healthy growth and development.

Those who cling to their cozy status quo won’t be able to keep up with you. Fear of the unfamiliar will hold them back from success while you invite new challenges, embrace calculated risks, and realize bigger dreams.

#5 Stay Centered and Get Your Business Grounded

While launching my first business, I used to feel like I was trying to nail Jell-O to a fence post. Then I was lucky enough to work with some top-tier coaches who showed me the ropes.

Now I’m able to expand as big as I want in any direction – and launch multiple marketing and revenue streams simultaneously – without becoming scattered, splayed-out, and overwhelmed.

Build your business on proven strategies and tested techniques, not desperate hunches and stressed-out decisions. The business will run itself and you can put your core energy and talent into expanding it and growing your revenues.

Commit yourself to believing that your permanent success means more to you than your temporary fear. Don’t just see yourself as only a “small business” person. Instead I want you to envision yourself as the rising leader of your own small business/entrepreneurial empire.

Keep that vision in your sights and it will force you to move forward into innovative frontiers of greater success. Then go out and get what you deserve in a deliberate and intentional way, without the stress and isolation of being on your own and overwhelmed by it all.


As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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