13 Daily Secrets to Create the Best Version of Yourself

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April 27, 2017
13 Daily Secrets to Create the Best Version of Yourself

As a business owner your business is a reflection of who you are. You probably spend a great deal of time helping others attain their goals so they can become the best version of themselves. But what about you? In order to keep giving to others, whether it’s your clients, employees, family or colleagues, you need continue working at being the best version of yourself.

Looking back, I feel so much gratitude for what I’ve learned, from both my mentors and my own experiences, on how to live a fully integrated life. After some reflection, I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into 13 secrets on how to create the best version of yourself. These secrets aren’t difficult – but the trick is to practice them daily. If you do, they are amazingly effective in helping you find your purpose in life, build a highly successful business, and enjoy all your life has to offer.

Every day work towards…

Secret #1 – Balance

Consider life components that you value like health, relationships, spirituality, travel, business, family, etc. Then make the commitment to be your best in all the components that are important for your well-balanced life.

Secret #2 – Reflect

Find an hour every day to reflect on your life values you thought of in #1. Quiet your mind from distractions and pay attention to your internal voice and any clues from the universe.

Secret #3 – Anticipate

Every morning consider “what’s possible?” and look at the day with a sense of adventure, excitement and curiosity about what you will learn that day.

Secret #4 – Stretch

I’m referring to your mind, not your body! What’s one thing you can do in your business that stretches you out of your comfort zone beyond what you’re currently doing?

Secret #5 – Face

Practice resiliency in how you look at setbacks or adversity in your life. Face them head on by reviewing lessons learned and seeing opportunities in unexpected ways.

Secret #6 – Expand

If you aren’t thinking big enough – that’s because you are looking through a microscope instead of the telescope. Think of how you can expand yourself personally and professionally to serve a bigger and more expansive purpose.

Secret #7 – Focus

It’s very easy to get distracted so keep your eyes focused on the prize. What are three things that you need to do each week to move your business or life forward? Just three, not twenty.

Secret #8 – Choose

Surround yourself with highly successful people you choose because they will share their shortcuts with you, support you, and challenge you to achieve your ultimate potential.

Secret #9 – Move

To attain any goal, you must keep moving forward to achieve it. Breakdown your goals into bite-size chunks, then take it step-by-step and celebrate victories along the way.

Secret #10 – Ask 

Look for a “yes”. This could be the next meeting with a potential client. Be intentional and use powerful, influential language to ask for what you want.

Secret #11 – Claim

Be bold by saying, “I am THE expert in….” It’s amazing how claiming your value will impact your results.

Secret #12 – Push

The internal barriers in your mind are far more difficult to overcome than any external barriers. Push through this resistance, and walk right through your fears. I’ve found they are never as bad as I imagined.

Secret #13 – Execute

The greatest learning isn’t from books, course curriculum or taking one more course. The best way to learn is by executing your ideas and learning through real-life experiences.

I’ve found that if you practice these 13 secrets every day, you begin to change your mindset, whether it’s in your business or personal life, and you gradually become the very best version of yourself. Each day look at life with curiosity, hope and faith and you will find fulfillment in serving others in a much bigger way than you thought possible.

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Predictable Results™ Assignment

Choose 3 of the 13 secrets you would like to work on this month. Write them down somewhere where you can see them daily and once you’ve mastered them move on to three more.

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.

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