Not attracting the quantity and quality of clients to ensure a more profitable consulting business?

  • Launching a new consulting business and not sure where to begin?
  • Struggling to find individual or corporate clients to fill your practice?
  • Are you wondering how to raise your fees without alienating clients in today’s economy?
  • Is deploying and managing social networking, new media, and online marketing tools a labor, money, and time-intensive struggle that frustrates you?
  • Are you having difficulty closing the sale when a prospect calls you?
  • Do you wish you were attracting more clients of higher quality in these rather desperate times?

Believe me, I’ve been there!

But I am here to reassure you that yes, you can immediately begin to attract ideal clients for a more successful, profitable, and fulfilling business – without burdensome budgets, demoralizing stresses, tiresome struggles, and further postponement of your passionate goals and dreams.

All it takes is a free phone call to find out what the possibilities are!

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Tampa, FL  |  April 2015

Brand & Marketing Breakthroughs

Sydney, Australia  |  May 2015



Sydney Bonus Day


"Sarah’s Results Speak for Themselves: Sarah Accelerates Careers and Amplifies Revenues…"

mentor_test_lynne_mLynne Marks, AICI CIM
London Image Institute
Past-President, AICI

"To put it simply, my private coaching experience with Sarah was nothing less than life-changing and career-accelerating!"

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_reni_tMorenike Tunde-Idowu
Founder, V3 Ideal Image Consulting
Toronto, Canada


"With Sarah’s teachings and guidance I’ve increased my revenues, become a public speaker, and launched a corporate consulting career!"

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_michelle_aMichelle Augenstein
Founder, Corner Office Image
Oakland, CA



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