Not attracting the quantity and quality of clients to ensure a more profitable consulting business?

  • Launching a new consulting business and not sure where to begin?
  • Struggling to find individual or corporate clients to fill your practice?
  • Are you wondering how to raise your fees without alienating clients in today’s economy?
  • Is deploying and managing social networking, new media, and online marketing tools a labor, money, and time-intensive struggle that frustrates you?
  • Are you having difficulty closing the sale when a prospect calls you?
  • Do you wish you were attracting more clients of higher quality in these rather desperate times?

Believe me, I’ve been there!

But I am here to reassure you that yes, you can immediately begin to attract ideal clients for a more successful, profitable, and fulfilling business – without burdensome budgets, demoralizing stresses, tiresome struggles, and further postponement of your passionate goals and dreams.

All it takes is a free phone call to find out what the possibilities are!

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Washington, DC  |  August 2015


As an image consultant and executive presence coach, Sarah has built an international reputation and highly lucrative business delivering a range of corporate seminars and services. She is right at home in the corporate environment and has found it to be extremely rewarding and profitable. In fact, her constantly-growing client list includes household names like Kimberly Clark, Home Depot, GE, Sherwin-Williams and McDonald’s.

Now Sarah wants to share the secrets of her consultancy’s rapid ascent and ongoing success with other image consultants like yourself. If you have the desire to break into the corporate market for bigger revenues and greater career acceleration, this session was designed specifically for you.

Join Sarah for this highly intensive and interactive session. She will reveal the exact same marketing steps, systems, and up-leveling strategies she uses to get her foot in the Fortune 500 door and then form scalable, dynamic, long-term relationships.

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"Sarah’s Results Speak for Themselves: Sarah Accelerates Careers and Amplifies Revenues…"

mentor_test_lynne_mLynne Marks, AICI CIM
London Image Institute
Past-President, AICI

"To put it simply, my private coaching experience with Sarah was nothing less than life-changing and career-accelerating!"

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_reni_tMorenike Tunde-Idowu
Founder, V3 Ideal Image Consulting
Toronto, Canada


"With Sarah’s teachings and guidance I’ve increased my revenues, become a public speaker, and launched a corporate consulting career!"

IBC_TESTIMONIAL_michelle_aMichelle Augenstein
Founder, Corner Office Image
Oakland, CA



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