Not attracting the quantity and quality of clients to ensure a more profitable consulting business?

  • Launching a new consulting business and not sure where to begin?
  • Struggling to find individual or corporate clients to fill your practice?
  • Are you wondering how to raise your fees without alienating clients in today’s economy?
  • Is deploying and managing social networking, new media, and online marketing tools a labor, money, and time-intensive struggle that frustrates you?
  • Are you having difficulty closing the sale when a prospect calls you?
  • Do you wish you were attracting more clients of higher quality in these rather desperate times?

Believe me, I’ve been there!

But I am here to reassure you that yes, you can immediately begin to attract ideal clients for a more successful, profitable, and fulfilling business – without burdensome budgets, demoralizing stresses, tiresome struggles, and further postponement of your passionate goals and dreams.

All it takes is a free phone call to find out what the possibilities are!

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Atlanta, GA  |  April 2017


Eligible participants can earn 1.3 AICI CEU's for attending this masterclass

Check back soon for more information on this upcoming course.

Typical Client Results

"I love Sarah and SO grateful that I chose her as my coach!"

business_test_carrie_lashell1“I recently attended an all weekend conference in California that made me really appreciate how Sarah Hathorn creates and delivers her masterclass workshops. Her workshop was so professional and well delivered.  Sarah kept people interested and engaged the entire time, and gave so much valuable content. I so appreciate that she didn’t use the opportunity to hard sell anyone, in fact, she left us wanting more! Sarah teaches from experience, she is so authentic and real, and she gives so much of herself and her time. What can I say....I love Sarah and am SO grateful that I chose her as my coach.”

Carrie LaShell, AICI CIC
Such Savvy Style
Walnut Creek, CA
Past President, AICI San Francisco Chapter

"Step it Up and Go - to the Next Success Level!"

Dawn Stebbing"I was amazed at how much I learned that I could directly apply to my business. I finished my book, “The Power is in the Pearl,” had a high-visibility launch party, and gained greater credibility that attracted more speaking engagements. I was even accepted into the National Speakers Association. Sarah helped me upgrade my marketing, create lead-generation tools, and design my own signature programs with clear, consistent messaging. I’m not sure any of that would have been possible, though, were it not for the incredible mindset management principles Sarah imparted. Those empowered me to believe in myself with confidence to expand the value and pricing of my signature programs and speaking engagements. I really stepped up and repositioned myself, while taking advantage of new opportunities. Today people are referring me more and more – so my brand is able to continually evolve and grow as doors keep opening.

Having 24/7 access to private coaching through Sarah’s more than 70 training audios and tons of worksheets also allowed me to take in the information and customize it to scale my business. Whenever I need a dose of Sarah’s coaching, I can just tune in and capitalize on it. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to uplevel their business in a big way!

Dawn Stebbing, AICI FLC
St. Paul, Minnesota
Past President, AICI Midwest Chapter

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